Patient Letters of Recommendation

Dear Dr. Cook,

Good morning. I was a patient of yours for several years, ending May 2010 when I moved to Irvine, CA. 2010 was a transitional year for me, but the move was a great thing that provided a wonderful new beginning. I am very happy to be here.

Now I’m getting to my point—. During one of my last appointments at your office you were trying to get me to floss more. You casually said, “Just paint”. And you made the motion of floss going down the two sides of gum between the teeth. For some reason something just clicked and the image stayed with me.

I began flossing every night after that. The way you gently described it made the idea very simple and doable. Each night after my shower, I grab a floss stick and “just paint”. No big deal.

Since moving to CA in the summer of 2010 I have had two stellar dental appointments. The dentists have said, “It’s obvious you take good care of your teeth and gums”. I have not had any dental problems at all. This is because of YOU, Dr. Cook. Each day I brush with the Sonicare system, use Act rinse, and “just paint”.

Here is the only down side — you’re not here in Irvine. I have had trouble finding a dentist I like; and there are not hygienists out here nearly as great as the one you have! You set the bar very high, Dr. Cook. You and your staff are fantastic. Hopefully in time I will find a dentist office here that comes close.

Sorry for waiting so long to tell you all this. You are the finest dentist, and I was so lucky to know you during the time that I did.

Sincerely and gratefully yours,

Executive Director
Office of Continuing Medical Education
UC Irvine School of Medicine

Dear Dr. Cook and Staff,

I have been a regular patient for about five years and wanted to take the time to express my appreciation for such a pleasant dentist-patient repertoire. It has been my experience, that those providing a service whether medical or not, often do so with a surly attitude or just inadequately. It is common for customers to send letters expressing dissatisfaction.

It is rare that one receives consistent, excellent service with a wonderful customer friendly attitude. I wanted to go against the grain, by commending your office on your professionalism and friendliness. I have recently gotten married and moved to the Atlanta, GA area and can only hope I find a dentist who can live up to the precedence you and your team delivered.

I really do miss seeing you every 6 months! (Smile)

Best wishes,